Based on many years of experience and the application of new technologies in our company:
  • design engineering networks;
  • advises;
  • prepares estimates;
  • performs construction works;
  • prepares documents for delivery of degree networks into operation;
  • lettings, residential buildings and public utilities commission.
We perform the following construction works:
  • building water supply, sanitation and waste water lines ( drainage);
  • charting the pressure;
  • equip the building drainage systems;
  • horizontal directional drilling furnish various engineering networks trays;
  • way to forced and type rebuild water system, sanitation and municipal sewage lines;
  • charting engineer networks by using filters;
  • We install sewage, oil and grease traps;
  • prepare the fire pits and other water basins;
  • supply fire pits.
Our work principle is a qualitative service, saving time and money for our clients.
Engineering networks